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Tile Style: Beveled Subway Tile

If you love subway tile, but are looking for something a bit more dramatic, consider beveled subway tile. The raised texture makes a visually compelling statement, making subway tile look ordinary in comparison. First used in the Paris Metro in 1890 to provide light in dim subway tunnels, the iconic beveled 3"x 6" tiles continue to illuminate and impress.

Our Historic Bungalow Tile Glazes

Bungalows are a type of residential architecture that was popular across American between 1890 and 1940. Its origins can be traced to the Indian province of Bengal, where the British adapted the native thatch roofs into homes for administrators and as summer retreats. The word Bungalow stems from the Hindi word "bangala," which literally means "in the Bengal style" and refers to a low, thatched house.

Inspirational Green Subway Tile

We love the month of March. With the first day of spring and St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we can’t help but be inspired by the color green. Green is known to boost creativity and motivate people so it’s a great option for decorating a work space. It can also create a calming atmosphere, making it an ideal color for residential spaces. Green can range from a soothing pastel to a vibrant emerald so we’ve put together some of our favorite Subway Ceramics greens to inspire your next design.

Subway Tile Patterns

Traditional or transitional? Historic or modern? Subway tile patterns are limited only by your imagination. The original 3" x 6" subway tile was placed in an offset pattern but over the decades designers and homeowners have used their own aesthetic to create new patterns that really make an impact.

The History of the New York City Subway

It's no secret that we love the New York City Subway. The history, trains, and stations have long been an inspiration to architects and designers around the world, and its classic subway tile has been a blueprint for our very own Subway Ceramics collection. With over 1 billion people riding the system each year, it has become the heart of New York City and a major influence on American design.

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