Essential Elements for Timeless Design. Experience it today.

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Essential Elements for Timeless Design. Experience it today.

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Essential Elements for Timeless Design. Experience it today.

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The historically authentic subway tile collection with its quick-ship availability and awesome glaze palette can be yours at an affordable price! American craftsmanship and our 15-year commitment to the craft support you from initial design concepts through order fulfillment and installation.
Our experienced support team is here and ready when you are. Let's get started!

Mastery of materials

Since 2006, Subway Ceramics has served a very special mission:  to master the material production and design application of the world’s most technically sophisticated system of “subway tile” and flooring mosaics, and make it look simple. We love our work and the privilege of perpetuating this highest standard of craftmanship in every tile project you entrust to us.

Subway Ceramics offers a complete collection of glazed wall tile, corner trims, classic mouldings and ceramic accessories in a wide range of glaze colors and finishes. A precise, sophisticated system of tilework distinguished by its perfectly flat surface, pencil-thin grout joints, and gently-radiused corners and coves. 

Classical, versatile, essential tilework...

Exclusively from Subway Ceramics

Avalon Subway Tile with Blue Accent and P Cap

Period details

Only Subway Ceramics offers the elegant details that radiate authenticity through the
soft radius corners, exquisitely precise construction and sculptural ceramic accessories.
Recognized as the state of the tilemaker's art.
Cherished for it's craftsmanship.
Favored for its timeless design.

Stunning glazes

So many options in one collection. Choose from a wide assortment classic whites along with a variety of translucent crackle, silky satin, brilliant gloss, or charming rustic glazes. Glazes that must be materially experienced in concert with all of the other players in your own interior design composition.
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Made-to-order mosaics

Complete your project with a made-to-order porcelain mosaic from our Subway Mosaics collection. Express your own vision in this versatile, durable and historically authentic flooring option. Create your own design from an expansive range of colors and patterns, exclusively available from Heritage Tile.

Order your color palette and design guide today.

Project support team

Meet online with one of our project consultants experienced in period tile design and special project conditions for assistance in preparing your project quotation. During the consultation they will review your project details and plans, and demonstrate tile layout options using 3D visualization tools and images. Attention to these special conditions unique to your project will offer you design solution options and ensure that all tile components are on-site when your tile is ready to install.

American Craftsmanship

The Subway Ceramics collection of authentic reproduction subway tile is proudly made in America using the same production methods as the pre-war originals. Same handcrafted quality. Same assortment of fields, trims, mouldings and ceramic accessories. Same commitment to quality and dependability.