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Sizes, Colors and Patterns

For over 100 years, subway tile has been manufactured in different shapes and sizes. Traditionally, each of these has been used in different architectural styles or patterns. To provide you with an authentic selection of subway tile, we have reproduced these shapes and sizes to the original specifications of the 1920s. No matter which option you choose, your tile will retain historically accurate features, including a flat surfaces with pencil thin grout lines.

Standard Field tile & liner sizes

Our field tile sizes

Our field tile sizes

Our field tile sizes

Our field tile sizes


Specialty Field tile & liner sizes

3x3 Bevel

3x6 Bevel

3x6 Basketweave

6x6 Basketweave

6x9 Beadboard

Hex tile

Historic Glazes

The original subway tile was designed in gloss white, but by the mid-1920s new glazes and finishes were introduced. The glazes in this collection are divided into five glaze series, each inspired by a historic style of architecture. These glazes can be used as an accent color throughout a white field, or can create a vibrant surface when used as your field glaze.

Subway Tile

Subway Tile

Reproduces the classic Victorian-era colors in a deep, translucent, crackle finish. Use as a simple accent in a white field, or create a lavish surface when used as your field glaze.

Bungalow Tile

Bungalow Tile

‚ÄčThis palette features a soft, satin finish and hues steeped in the Arts & Crafts tradition. Colors are inspired by the chinaware sinks and ceramic accessories of the time.

Carreaux du Metro

Carreaux du Metro

Subway tile, Paris style. Combine these rich glazes with faceted bevel field tile, cap and base moldings, liners and trim tiles to achieve the style of the Parisian Metro.

Cottage Tile

Cottage Tile

‚ÄčThis palette features a stained satin crackle glaze finish that harmonizes perfectly with any interior in the Cottage style. Quintessentially charming!

Cottage Tile

Moderne Tile

Inspired by the late art deco style, these glazes are ideal for subway tile installations in Streamline Moderne buildings and spaces.


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Historic Subway Tile Patterns

Although people typically associate subway tile with 3" x 6" tile in an offset pattern, there are a range of historic layouts that have been used for subway tile applications. Below are subway tile patterns that have adorned walls of American structures from the pre-war era to today’s modern spaces. Pair your favorite pattern with one of our historic glazes for a design that suits your space.

Offset Tile Pattern


Straightset Tile Pattern


Offset 1/3 Tile Pattern

Offset 1/3

Basketweave Tile Pattern


Flemish Bond Tile Pattern

Flemish Bond

Herringbone Tile Pattern


Hexagon Flat Dome Tile Pattern


Vertical Offset Tile Pattern

Vertical Offset

Vertical Offset Alternate Tile Pattern

Vertical Offset Alternate

Vertical Straightset Tile Pattern

Vertical Straightset