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Subway Ceramics

About Heritage Tile

Through a series of vintage catalogs providing detailed specifications, we were able to re-create authentic field tile with rectified edges, historic cap and base mouldings, radius trims and ceramic accessories. This authentic collection came to be known as the renowned Subway Ceramics.

Our dedication to creating this authentic tile collection had no bounds. We designed our tile to the exact specifications developed by the Tile Guild of America in the 1890's. Original profile dyes and manufacturing processes have been retained and are used today in our factory to produce a tile system of superior quality and historic significance.

Subway Ceramics is a portfolio within Heritage Tile which encompasses several smaller period-based glaze palettes of subway tile. These include Bungalow, Cottage, and pre-war era Subway Tile. Each collection within Subway Ceramics represents its own specific era; the mouldings, accessories and glazes accurately represent that time and place.

The Heritage Tile mission is to reproduce our uniquely American heritage tilework, providing affordable surface options that offer superior value over conventional materials. We proudly produce our Subway Ceramics collection and assemble our Subway Mosaics made-to-order designs in the USA to help you maintain the vintage character in your home or public space.

Public spaces authentic tile lives in.

The heritage tile brands have been trusted to enhance the spaces of other brands we all recognize.

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