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Classic Subway Tile glaze series

The Classic Subway Tile glaze palette reproduces the classic Victorian-era colors in a deep, translucent finish. Subway tile was originally designed using a gloss white finish on field tile and corner mouldings, but deeper and richer colors were introduced once the style gained popularity in homes and businesses around the USA. Use these glazes as a simple accent through an elegant white field, or create a lavish surface when used as your field glaze. Truly timeless!

The glaze colors

Historically-accurate Subway Tile glaze series

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Composing a common Victorian design

Reproduce a classic Victorian-era design with mouldings, accent liners, trim pieces, and a historic field tile composition. Shown below is an example of a complete inside corner transition in the traditional Victorian-era style.

Victorian subway tile design


Off set Victorian subway tile pattern

Victorian cap moulding pieces

Victorian accent liner pieces

Victorian field tile pieces

Victorian base moulding pieces

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Subway Tile in historic American architecture

The 3" x 6" subway tile was traditionally placed in an offset pattern in New York City subway stations during the early 1900s. With a flat surface, rectified edges and pencil thin grout joints, this attractive tile was quickly adopted by homes and businesses throughout the nation. Brownstones, Queen Anne style homes and Bungalows were just a few of the architectural styles that embraced this aesthetic in the early 20th century.