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Cottage Tile glaze series

The unique Cottage Subway Tile palette features a stained satin crackle finish that harmonizes perfectly with your Cottage-style space. These pastel colors add a calm atmosphere to a room, and are beautifully paired with floral accent pieces. Quintessentially charming!

The glaze colors

High End Subway Tile Crackle Colored

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Creating a common Cottage design

Reproduce a Cottage-style design with mouldings, accent liners, trim pieces and a historic field tile composition. Shown below is an example of a complete inside corner transition in a traditional Cottage style.

Cottage Tile design


Cottage style pattern

Cap moulding pieces

Accent liner pieces

Cottage field tile pieces

Cottage base moulding pieces

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Cottage Tile in historic American architecture

English Cottage style homes were prominent in the USA during the 1920s to 1940s. They were often asymmetrical with a steeply pitched roof on the exterior and an irregularly-shaped yet cozy interior. In some instances these homes resembled the Tudor style, with exquisite arched entries and tall narrow windows. These spaces are ideal for the Cottage Tile glazes, which provide the warmth, attention to detail, and floral accents commonly found in Cottage-style homes.