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Carreaux du Metro glaze series

The Carreaux du Metro glaze series pays tribute to the Art Nouveau-inspired Paris Métro. The classic gloss glazes are bold in color and were historically used in the Paris Métro stations. The palette includes Concorde Blue, which pays homage to the iconic Concorde station whose décor prominently features cobalt blue accents throughout. Combine this palette with beveled tile and accessories to achieve a Carreaux du Metro style.

The glaze colors

Historically-accurate, Professional, Glossy Subway Tile

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Composing a vintage Parisian design

Reproduce a vintage Parisian style with mouldings, accent liners, trim and a historic field tile composition. Shown below is an example of a complete inside corner transition in the traditional Paris Metro style.

Paris subway tile diagram


Carreaux du Metro pattern

Cap moulding pieces

Trim piece

Bevel field tile pieces

Base moulding pieces

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Carreaux du Metro in historic architecture

The now-recognizable 3” x 3” and 3" x 6" beveled field tiles were originally used to tile the arched surfaces of the Paris Métro during renovations in the early 1900s. Because lighting fixtures in the early 20th century weren't as strong as modern lighting, the beveled tiles were designed and chosen for their ability to effectively reflect ambient light.

The name of this glaze series, Carreaux du Metro, is of French origin and appropriately translates to "Subway Tiles" in English. Pair this glaze with beveled cap & base mouldings, unique trim pieces and decorative accents to bring an authentic Parisian influence to your tiled surfaces.