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What We Now Know As Subway Tile

What We Now Know As Subway Tile

Avalon, the Restoration White

White, and pretty much only white, was the norm in America's turn of the century kitchen and bathroom tilework. In fact, what we now generically call "subway tile" was originally referred to as "white ware". It was only in the 1920's that color broke through the Victorian constraints, under the influence of the Art Deco and Craftsman movements.

A close look at vintage, Victorian tilework will reveal that these tiles are no longer a pure white, but now appear to have a slightly amber tone.  This patina, due to the natural oxidation of the glaze constituants, is common to all pre-war subway tile, as you may have discovered if, for instance, you attempted repairs or additions using modern materials.

Our Avalon glaze was developed to match these vintage surfaces.  With this restoration glaze option it is possible to renovate these spaces and barely perceive where the original tile meets the new shower addition or repaired tub surround.

For more information on our Avalon glazed subway tiles, please contact our team today!

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