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Timeless Tile For The Period Home

Timeless Tile For The Period Home

Authenticity and the Period Home

Times change and you can find those changes preserved in the tile of the times. An essential element of our built environment for the last 120 years, American ceramic tile has demonstrated a unique ability to adapt and innovate to create new forms, new fashions, and new solutions to the meet the architectural challenges of the day.

Fashions change. Tile endures. How will we feel about the tile choices we make today, say 5 or 10 years into the future?

Consider the one (and only) timeless tile fashion choice; the tile that was (or could) have been in your home when it was first built.  For the pre-war home, Subway Ceramics is your timeless choice. Historically authentic to over 40 years of American period homes and commercial structures, we offer various glaze palettes, tile patterns and mosaic designs perfectly suited to the time and place of your home.

Become a part of our free Trade program today and receive free samples of our timeless, classic tile.

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