Introducing the Period Palettes

For over 40 years, "sanitary-ware" was virtually ubiquitous in American bathrooms and kitchens. Why? Well, the name itself is a give-away. The flat surface, pencil-thin grout lines, and the gently coved inside and outside corners gave every surface that easy-to-clean quality that felt clean. It was a true invention of Victorian-America.

What started out as glossy white subway tile began to change by the mid-20's. Influenced by the Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, and Art Nouveau movements, sanitaryware evolved with color, finish, pattern and decorative styles; all without changing the basic manufacturing process used to produce subway tiles in factories throughout the country.

Subway Ceramics is pleased to introduce the addition of three new color palettes, each authentic to architectural period styles popular during pre-war America.  Each of these period pallets feature unique field patterns, mouldings, and decorative elements selected to embrace each architural period style.  

The Bungalow tile palette is inspired by the chinaware sinks and ceramic accessories that we discovered in salvage yards. Colors include soft satin finishes and hues like seafoam and tea rose.

The Carreaux du Metro palette is a reproduction of subway tile in the style of the Paris Metro. The colors and accent tiles are designed to reflect this special look.

The Cottage Tile palette features a stained satin/crackle patina glaze finish which is perfect for adding that cottage charm to your space.

Interested in more information about these palettes? Contact our team today or visit the Glazes page of our site.