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Thin Gray Grout Lines

Thin Gray Grout Lines

All our tile collections are steeped in the history and heritage of a specific style of tile. From the 1920s-inspired Subway Ceramics and Subway Mosaics to the Arts & Crafts style of Batchelder Tile and Japanese Tile crafted in 16th Century kilns, we have something for every aesthetic.

Left to their own devices, tile contractors will often use white grout on a white glazed tile installation - not the natural gray grout found in most vintage tilework. So why white? Contractors simply want to make the grout lines disappear, because it's virtually impossible to make consistent grout lines with conventional "pillowed" wall tile. But what happens to those bright white grout lines as soon as the tile installers pack-up and leave? Chances are you'll start to notice them staining, possibly unevenly, leaving your grout lines far from beautiful.

subway tile with gray grout

Stains on gray grout lines as narrow as 1/32" are not a concern so it's important to choose a tile that is designed for thin grouting. Subway Ceramics has been designed and manufactured to consider all aspects of our subway tile, including the grout line. Like the tile of the NYC subway stations built in 1905, the precise, historically-authentic Subway Ceramics collection features a perfectly flat tile surface with square edges and no pillowing. This gives you pencil-thin grout lines that present your tiles at their best. And, only a slight contrast in grout color is necessary to define the classic brick pattern in the tiled surface so you can feel free to stick with the historic gray grout color.

thin grout with subway tile
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