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Subway Tile Patterns

Subway Tile Patterns

Traditional or transitional? Historic or modern? Subway tile patterns are limited only by your imagination. The original 3" x 6" subway tile was placed in an offset pattern but over the decades designers and homeowners have used their own aesthetic to create new patterns that really make an impact.

If you look closely at subway tile that exists in your own neighborhood, you'll see many variations. You'll probably find tile in an Offset or Offset 1/3 pattern since these are most common. Turn a subway tile at a 45-degree angle and suddenly you have a Herringbone tile pattern that offers direction and texture to your installation. You can use different sizes of subway tile for this pattern, each of which will give you a unique style. Go bold with Heritage Tile's colored glazes, or keep it neutral by using one of our historic white glazes and the pattern alone can speak for itself.

If you like a very contemporary aesthetic, stack 3" x 6" subway tiles with the short ends pointing north and south. This vertical pattern creates an elongated design that helps to change the perspective of walls both small and tall; either helping a small room look bigger or taking a tall room through the roof! Throw in a vibrant glaze color to give it more impact, or use a different tile size to match your style.

Feeling a bit more modern? Line up those grout joints in a Straightset pattern so the subway tiles stack evenly on top of one another in a horizontal pattern. Suddenly your space has a more contemporary feel but is still composed of classic and timeless tile. It's a little twist that changes the traditional look of a subway tile while remaining stylish through the life of your home.

patterned subway tile

Last but not least, we love a Flemish Bond. Have you ever seen this sophisticated but soft-spoken pattern that marries a 3" x 6" and a 3" x 3" in a beautiful grid? It suddenly becomes a picture of surface and glaze rather than grout lines. If you want to be classic with a little bit of an edge then this might be the tile layout for you.

cottage flemish bond

Authentic Subway Tile

Our commitment to produce flat, rectified-edged, authentic subway tile offers historic solutions for homes and public spaces all over the world. We can restore or replicate the most authentic tile installations, honoring the architectural integrity of an older building or creating a timeless installation for a new one. If it's traditional tile, glazes with color depth and variation, or incredible opportunities to create unique subway tile patterns, we are here to help so contact us today!

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