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Project Spotlight

NYC: Enhancing the Subway

The first three stations in the Enhanced Station Initiative have opened in Brooklyn, and feature historically authentic tilework from Subway Ceramics. These stations feature classic, large radius corner and cove trims, and the Avalon glaze to match the original, 1900's subway tile.

Chelsea Market: What's not to love?

What's not to love? Well, the original bathrooms, for sure. Until last month, that is, when "The Cellar" addition officially opened. The 6 million annual visitors to this 1890's Oreo cookie factory will now be getting a little relief...

Project Spotlight - Shively Sanitary Tenements

The Shively Sanitary Tenements were originally built to house low-income families who had been infected with tuberculosis. Easy to clean, stain resistant, and light-reflective, the now classic subway tile was the perfect choice for a building designed to combat infection. Using our Subway Ceramics collection, a current building resident recently set out to restore his bathroom to its original character.

Subway tile in bathroom

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