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Pretty in Pink | Retro Bathrooms

Pretty in Pink | Retro Bathrooms

Pink is back in a big way. Rose Quartz is the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year and we've been seeing pink everywhere. From pretty pastel to funky fuchsias, it's clear that pink is having a moment.

retro bathroom floor
Heritage Tile Collections (Subway Mosaics Daisy in Rose and Red, 3"x6" Moderne in Cameo, 2"x2" Bungalow in Tea Rose, and 3"x3" Rose Deco).

A natural habitat for pink in the home is, of course, the bathroom. It is estimated that 5 million pink bathrooms went into American homes during the 1940s-60s and many still exist today.

Why pink? It may have been First Lady Mamie Eisenhower.She was passionate about pink – so much so that the White House was dubbed “The Pink Palace” by reporters. Others have claimed that pink is flattering against skin tones and therefore the preferred background for a mirror!

And why is pink having a moment now? Well, Mid-Century Modern design as a whole is popular. It is everywhere -- in stores like West Elm, design blogs like Apartment Therapy, and even on television (we miss you, Mad Men).

Despite the popularity of the era and color, many historic pink bathrooms are in danger of being demolished. On a recent episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, one of the potential homes had a bathroom with pink wall tile and a basketweave mosaic floor. It was in great condition, but Chip and Joanna set a large portion of the budget aside to tear it out.

Thankfully, some have made it their mission to preserve this recent history. Save the Pink Bathrooms is a website dedicated to the cause. It is a fountain of information and inspiration. Not sure what funky wallpaper or shower curtain to pair with your pink tile? Save the Pink Bathrooms has you covered.

Other design websites that are not as specific in their mission are also beginning to embrace the pink bathroom. Here are some of our favorites:

retro remodel subway tile

We are so thrilled that pink is back! While some may like to play up the retro, a pink bathroom can also be surprisingly modern.

Heritage Tile is currently in the final stages of launching our Moderne color palette, inspired by Mid-century Modern design. We are looking forward to helping you discover the next generation of pink bathrooms! Ready to go pink? We have many options to suit your taste and home, including:

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