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New York Chelsea Market: What's not to love?

New York Chelsea Market: What's not to love?

What's not to love about New York's Chelsea Market?

Well, the original bathrooms, for sure. Until last month, that is, when "The Cellar" addition officially opened. Before, long queues for the individual restrooms were common, but that experience has become a thing of the past. The 6 million annual visitors to this 1890's Oreo cookie factory will now be getting a little relief...

Subway Ceramics was used to restore the original Victorian character to this landmark structure. In this historic building you will see great attention to details of the past. Keep your eyes open for overlapping radius corner and cove trims; pencil-thin grout lines, a perfectly flat field tile, and a simulated "patina" glaze effect produced by introducing a slight variation in tone between tiles.

The historic beauty doesn't stop here.  Check out the other commercial subway tile projects we have been a part of!

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