About Subway Ceramics

The Subway Ceramics collection is produced in Southern California using the original methods and materials as original, vintage subway tiles.  Distinguished by a perfectly flat tile surface, pencil-thin grout lines, soft radius corners and coves, and integrated accessories, Subway Ceramics is the ultimate example of form meets function in timeless tile design.

Find your new favorite color with our vast palette of glaze colors and finishes. Our collection of glazes provides endless solutions for designers and homeowners. Whether they are matching historic tilework, coordinating with modern Carrara marble surfaces, or creating a clean and contemporary space. 



There are many color options, and each palette series is conveniently grouped by architectural period style granting the ability to explore how preferences evolved over time and the ensuring confidence that you are choosing the appropriate glaze option for your space. 

Subway tile is the ideal tile option for commercial and residential spaces alike. The classic design, easy-to-clean surfaces, and durable materials make it the perfect union of authenticity and craft. Whether you are designing a public space or a private home, the Subway Ceramics collection has the glazes, field tile, trim pieces, and accessories to achieve your vision. 


the original character to your period home or commercial space.


a time and place for your café or movie set.

Subway Tile Wall with Accessories


the elegance and sophistication of our uniquely American heritage tilework for your next project.